Gift Giving & Teacher Jill’s Wish List

We know that last Tuesday was technically #GivingTuesday, but why not keep the generosity flowing all month long?

Many of our preschool families will engage in traditions this month that focus on the goal of giving.  This looks like so many different things from family to family.  For yours, it might be giving:

  • Energy to getting bundled up for an afternoon of play in the snow.
  • Patience as you try to figure out how frosting from holiday baking ended up on the ceiling.
  • Time in the car to travel to see friends and family.

classroom-oct-2016-playdoughAt Adventures Preschool, our teachers and families give their energy, patience, and time each week as we strive to provide an exceptional learning experience.  We play together.  We craft together.  We snack together.  And we provide for the classroom together through book orders, donations, and fundraising.

If you participate in a gift giving tradition, you know it can sometimes be challenging to give extended family and friends ideas of what to gift your kiddos.  Maybe the toy bin is already overflowing.  Perhaps you hear ‘gift’ and think “how painful will it be to step on in the middle of the night?”  It could be that you’ll be traveling quite a distance to celebrate and simply don’t have room to haul a lot of extra belongings on the return trip.  

Whatever the reason for your challenge in the gift giving season, here’s a list of great, educational offerings that you could share with your friends and family.  In addition, we’d love it if you’d help us fulfill Teacher Jill’s wish list by donating these items to our Adventures classroom (bonus: your child will get to use them but you don’t have to store them)!

Gift Suggestions & Teacher Jill’s Wish List

Some of the current classroom favorites include:

  • classroom-nov-2016-booksPuzzles (frame and large floor puzzles)
  • Stickers, crayons, scissors, glue or glue sticks, any kind of paper
  • Stencils for tracing
  • Playdough and playdough toys (small rolling pins, cookie cutters)
  • Building materials(wooden unit blocks, duplos)
  • Magna Tiles
  • Marble runs (wooden stationary run or plastic sets)
  • Books, of course!

This can also be a great conversation starter to talk about the semester at preschool.  “Teacher Jill really likes [insert an example of a classroom activity] — what is your favorite activity at preschool so far?”

Shopping Tips

Ordering books through the Scholastic Books program not only ensures a great selection of age appropriate books, it also helps us earn points that Teacher Jill can put towards other preschool materials.

Also, if you or others purchase most of your gifts online, consider using Amazon Smiles.  By selecting “Adventures Preschool – Ames, IA” as your charitable organization, our classroom will receive a small percentage of your sales!

What are your favorite gifts to suggest for the preschoolers in your life?